Sorry I’ve been away so long…

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Sorry I’ve been away so long…

Good evening everyone,

I apologize for being away from my blog for so long.

My Mom, who was such an inspiration to me and everyone who met her, and who made time for anyone and everyone, passed away and went to be with her Heavenly Father on February 10, 2011. I was very blessed to be with her, my Dad and sisters.

Mom picked the following poem for the back of her memorial pamphlet:

“Faith…Hope…& Love
Three treasures
More priceless than gold,
For if you possess them
You’ve riches untold…
For with Faith to believe
What your eyes cannot see,
And Hope to look forward
To new joys yet to be,
And Love to transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and kindness
And goodness and grace,
There’s nothing you cannot
Accomplish or do-
For Faith, Hope & Love
Will carry you through!”
– Helen Steiner Rice

Nancy K.