New Year! New Opportunity! New You!

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New Year! New Opportunity! New You!

 New Year! New Opportunity! New You!

I love my Hearts of the West Team! As you see from the pic above, our team is starting a new program on Thursday called Build a Terrific 2021! It’s about personal development, growing, learning, sharing, and connecting to enrich our lives. 

Close to My Heart is not just about papercrafting – although that’s a big part of it – it’s about community and growing with each other to be the best we can be, live our best life and make a difference! I invite you to be a part of our fun community! 

To be part of this amazing experience is only an investment of $20 this month AND you get $21 in product credit (yes – it’s essentially free!)! You have nothing to lose by joining this month.

For more information please contact me at or phone me at 403.560.1761 – I’d love to chat with you.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and have an amazing 2021, please join our team by visiting my website at 

Nancy’s Close to My Heart Website

I’d love to welcome you to our community!