July 2009

Yahh! My family and I are finally here in Long Beach for Close To My Heart's Leadership Conference! It is beautiful here! It's great to spend time with friends.Leadership Conference starts tomorrow evening with a Create and Take - yahooo! I can't wait to share with you what we do and what the new products in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book will be! It's so exciting!Have a great evening!Nancy

Hi everyone,The stitches are now out and I can scrapbook and stamp again! Yahh! I am really excited about that! Here is a card I made using Close To My Heart's Animal Cookies Paper Packet and My Stickease. I added White Ribbon and buttons. I think it is super cute!I am busy packing for Close To My Heart's Leadership Convention in Long Beach, California! I am really excited! I will send info on new products from there! If you would like a copy of the Autumn/Winter 2009 Idea Book when it becomes available, please send me an email at nancy.klein@shaw.caHave a fantastic weekend!Nancy

Hi everyone,I can finally type using both of my hands again - yahh! I am super excited about that! Can you tell?The stitches are not out yet but they will be on Tuesday sometime. I can't wait to get them out.I have been asked about the roses that were in the vase that broke. Here are some pictures of them. My hubby, Aaron, gave me a dozen roses for our 12th anniversary - they were beautiful!I am hoping that my hand is feeling well enough to stamp and scrapbook very soon so I can post some artwork. Only one more week until my family and I start our family vacation to California!

When you get an owie you realize how much you take forgranted everyday. I was washing a glass vase that had held 12 red roses my hubby bought me for our 12th anniversary when it broke. I don't know if I tried to catch it but it cut the palm of my right hand. My hubby wasn't home and I saw that it was bleeding a lot so my 2 girls helped me wrap my hand with tea towels. We waited 2 hours in the waiting room and then the dr froze my palm and stitched it with 3 stitches.  It could have been worse so for that I am thankful it wasn't. The dr

Hi everyone!I am so excited to tell you about Close To My Heart's July special!Have you ever wanted to own your own business? Do you want a job where you create your own schedule? Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to make some extra money to pay for your scrapbook hobby or save money to take a family vacation? All of those are great reasons and with Close To My Heart you can have all that!When you join Close To My Heart in July, you get 5 free products from a select item list! Yahhoo!Visit my website for more details and to join! Website: http://www.nancy.myctmh.com/Nancy

Happy Monday everyone!I am reading a fantastic book right now called "Peaks and Valleys" by Spencer Johnson, M.D. He is also the author who wrote "Who Moved My Cheese". I loved that book too! I wrote a report for one of my Human Resources courses based on that book. I highly recommend both of them. They are parables that really make you think and have some great insights into humans and how we think and how we work.I would love to hear from you and some great books you are reading or have read! I will need some reading material for our road trip to Close to My Heart's Leadership Convention at the end of

Hi everyone!We have had 2 spectacular thunderstorms - one last night and one tonight.  Last night my family and I watched the lightning and listened to the thunder for about an hour and a half. We would count between the lightning and the thunder and we watched as it came closer to us.  Finally it started to pour rain and we headed inside. Today we had been to the movie "Ice Age 3" and on our drive home we could see the lightning. We got home and prepared supper and the lightning and thunder came over our house. It poured for a long time and then hailed too. When the sun reappeared it was a